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Medical Packaging Bags

Is your medical or healthcare business in need of packaging bags and supplies from a fast, reliable, and competitively priced packaging manufacturer? BagMasters is the answer.

As a medical care business, you have a responsibility to comply with various regulations. Our experienced team of manufacturing experts appreciates the complexities facing businesses like yours.

We have been supplying businesses like yours since 1987, completing millions of orders and delivering exceptional quality time and time again. Our experience and reputation enable you to regain control of your medical packaging needs with confidence.


Versatile Medical Packaging Solutions Tailored To You

No two healthcare businesses have identical needs, which is why you need a supplier that can satisfy your specific demands. Several factors will influence your requirements, including but not limited to;

  • Type of medical business – a dental office will have different needs to a pharmacy, for example.
  • Types of products – medical equipment and appliances require different packaging than medicines.
  • Size of business – in addition to the type of packaging products, you need to consider quantities.

Whatever you require from medical packaging bags, BAGMASTERS will go the extra mile to serve your needs. We focus on transparency and clear communication to ensure that your requirements are met.

Delivering Exceptional Quality, Pricing, & More

Whether ordering a short run or committing to an ongoing medical bag supply service, you must choose a service that provides everything you need and more. We keep the process as simple as possible, focusing on satisfying the three most significant features.

  • Reliable Quality – Every single client of yours deserves the best service, and the packaging is a key aspect as it’s the first item they will interact with. Whether you’re a B2B manufacturer or supplying patents with healthcare products, the knowledge that all packaging will meet your expectations makes a huge difference.
  • Reliable Service – In addition to gaining the best quality on the market, our rapid manufacturing and printing technologies ensure quick lead times and delivery. This reliability allows you to get on with running the business without fears about whether the packaging will arrive in time.
  • Fair Pricing – Last but not least, the investment needs to be a financial decision too. We manufacture medical bag supplies in-house, allowing us to provide them at exceptionally competitive prices. Moreover, we tailor our techniques depending on print run sizes to ensure all quotes are the best they can be.


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Ordering Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3


1. Select Bag Type


2. Artwork for Print


3. Add Options

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Bags Do You Manufacture?

We manufacture/convert low-density poly bags as well as laminated pouch bags in a variety of options. We offer pre-opened bags on a roll, wicketed bags, lay flat poly bags, reclosable zipper bags, bottom and side gusset bags, custom printed bags, and plastic sheeting. The bags are made from FDA approved materials (unless otherwise requested) and can be used for a variety of applications.

What Is the Minimum Order Quantity of a Product?

The minimum order is based upon weight. Since all orders are customized to your specifications, we bring in film specifically for your order. The minimum is 500 pounds of film.

Do You Manufacture Bags with Custom Prints?

Yes, We specialize in custom printed bags

Do I Get a Proof to Approve?

Yes. We will not print bags until we have your approval on the artwork

Rethink Your Packaging and Supply Chain

We provide comprehensive packaging and supply chain solutions for producers of consumer product goods.