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The story of Bagmasters began in 1987 when Eric Johannsen, Sr. purchased a small bag company named Delthor Products. From the beginning, Eric Sr. was dedicated to providing the highest quality products and customer service. To demonstrate his dedication to quality and service, he personally did all the deliveries so that he could stay in close contact with his customers. This is just one example of his level of commitment and integrity when it comes to Bagmasters.

Right from the start, Eric Sr.'s son, Eric Jr., worked side by side with his father to build the small bag company into what it is today. Eric Jr. started managing production and doing machine maintenance. Over the years, Eric Jr. began to transition from the production floor to the front office, where he eventually took over the business when his father went into semi-retirement.

The success of Bagmasters is a result of the hard-working and dedicated individuals who are proud to be members of the Bagmasters staff. They meet and exceed our customer's expectations on every level of service.

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We manufacture a variety of flexible packaging solutions. Custom printed bags, wicket bags, header bags, bags on a roll, and lay flat bags.


We can custom print roll stock for use on your converting machines.

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We provide comprehensive packaging and supply chain solutions for producers of consumer product goods.