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Wicketed Machine

There are several options when it comes to flexible packaging and here at Bagmasters, we want to assist you in making the right choice for your product.

The information contained below will give you a description of our products as well as specific ordering parameters (minimum quantities, size ranges, thickness ranges, and options available).

We hope this information is helpful. However, if you don't find the answers you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us for clarification.

Please note that we do have minimums for custom orders. This minimum is based on the product weight of at least 500 pounds.

There are also size and thickness parameters. Please see product information for the parameters of the desired product.

If possible, please provide a sample of the product that you want a quote for. This helps us to provide you with the best possible information.




Add EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) to increase flexibility and impact resistance. Often used in applications to make bag freezer safe.
Anti-static additives are available for packaging electronics.
Other additives are also available upon request.

Supplier For Plastic Bags


The opaque or tinted film is available to give your bag the look you want.

Adhesive Closure

Adhesive Closure​

Need an adhesive strip on your bag? No problem, as long as the closure is on the flat portion of your bag (cannot be placed in a gusseted portion of the bag).

Buy Custom Plastic Bags

Custom Print

Almost any bag can be custom printed with up to eight colors.

The printing plate costs will vary depending on the size of your artwork as well as how many colors to be printed. The printing plates are a one time charge (aside from normal wear) and you will not be charged for set-up fees for your order.

With multiple printing presses and skilled press operators, Bagmasters is able to quickly respond to your needs by producing a quality product.

Printed Resealable Bags


You can add an easy tear perforation to your bag. It is often paired with a reclosable feature to provide your end-user with an easy-open package that can be resealed.

Reclosable Packaging Bags


Adding a reclosable zipper to your bag makes your packaging more user-friendly. Reclosable zippers can be added to the portion of your bag that is flat (cannot be placed in a gusseted portion of the bag).

Door Know Bags


Vent holes, hang holes, and die-cut handles are available for your bag. Simple punch while on the machine places the hole or holes where you need them.

Pre Opened Bags On A Roll

Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll

BAGMASTERS is your premier manufacturer of Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll for automated packaging. Our Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll can be customized to your specifications. Choose your thickness (mil), size, and custom print! It is that easy!

Pre-Opened Bags come perforated on a roll with one side open for easy product inserting to run on manual or automatic bagging machines. We can also manufacture them to be fan-folded for your convenience. Bags on a Roll are also available without the pre-opened feature.

Wicketed Bags


Bagmasters is your premier manufacturer and distributor of wicketed bags. Designed to increase production packaging speeds (as compared to flat poly bags), wicketed bags can be used with a bag opener or drop sealer, as well as manually.

Wicketed bags are manufactured using a lip in which 2 holes and a metal wicket secure the top of the bags together. This unique design creates a pre-opened bag that, when filled, can be torn away, leaving the next bag ready for filling. You don't have to waste valuable time selecting a bag from a box, then try to find the opening in order to fill it.

Our Services


We manufacture a variety of flexible packaging solutions. Custom printed bags, wicket bags, header bags, bags on a roll, and lay flat bags.


We custom print inhouse up to eight colors and we can custom print roll stock for use on your converting machines.

The Process

Contact Us for a Custom Quote
Provide Custom Artwork
Sign off on Final Artwork Proof
Plates for Printing Are Made
Your Film Is Custom Printed
Your Custom Printed Film Is Converted into Bags
Your Order Is Ready for Pick up or to Be Shipped​

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