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Are you on the market for the top-of-the-line resealable bags at an affordable price? Your search stops here. We offer several products to cover any reclosable plastic bag need you may have. From sizes, styles, and closures – we have it all.

Why Order Resealable Plastic Bags?

Reclosable plastic bags are useful for many things, including holding and securing small items and parts. The reclosable feature makes it accessible while still keeping everything safe from scratches or spillage. Some of the top features of our resealable bags include:

Resealable zip-top closure
Variety of sizes available
Reusable several times
Durable, long-lasting material in the thickness you desire

We believe in giving our customers the best quality reclosable plastic bags. Our commitment to quality is why we go the extra mile to ensure our bags are reliable, cost-efficient, and durable.

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Don’t settle for supermarket sandwich bags. Our bags stand out from the rest because we make them with polyethylene and build them to last. 

Unlike open-mouth sacks, our bags allow you to press the bag closed and seal it. We use several unique features in our reclosable plastic bags to increase visibility while still keeping the contents secure. These features include:

Many colorways, including clear
White blocks for writing
Punch hole
Wicketed bag
Option to create bespoke durable labels (customize with logos, branding designs, ingredient lists, images, max eight colors, etc.)

Our bags are available in a range of sizes to hold whatever you need. They’re easy to open again and again. We also know that sometimes, you need a thicker bag to protect what’s inside, so we offer both 2 and 4 Mil thickness.

You won’t find the sizes and thickness options we offer in stores because our quality is above the rest.

Uses of Reclosable Bags

Companies and consumers alike have found that resealable plastic bags are one of the most durable options out there while also meeting a variety of needs. Some of the most common uses for reclosable poly bags include:

Displays at store
Protecting fabric during shipping - to keep towels, clothing, linens, etc. in mint condition
Packing sewing materials
Bolts and screws
Equipment parts
Pet food
Food items
Protect microchips

Why Choose Us?

We’ve tested our products on strict parameters to confirm they will meet the needs of our customers. Through a rigorous design and testing process, we ensure these bags can be resealed multiple times.

When you’re using our resealable plastic bags, you won’t be disappointed. Our products stand out by offering numerous advantages:

Long-time protection in a stylish way
The Clear option makes it easy to see what’s inside
Appealing design with shiny or matte finishes
Expandable bottom options stay upright
Elegant appearance from Flexo print design
Lowest prices available online

What matters the most to us are service, quality, and price. By offering unique features like extra-thick bags, custom reclosable plastic bags with text or design, stand-up pouches, and more, we’re sure our products will impress you with their versatility, strength, and finish.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, We specialize in custom printed bags

You would supply us with artwork and we send your artwork to our plate maker to create a final proof for your approval

Contact us immediately if you notice something wrong with the bag.

As each order is customized we are unable to accept returns because they changed their minds I think we need to say something about how we guarantee our product.

The minimum order is based upon weight. Since all orders are customized to your specifications, we bring in film specifically for your order. The minimum is 500 pounds of film.

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