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  • ADHESIVE STRIP -  Optional peel and stick adhesive that can be added to act as a closure mechanism for the bag.


  • BARRIER - Describes the ability for packaging materials to restrict air, water, oils, aroma, or flavors from passing through.

  • BLEED - Refers to print that extends beyond the finished edge of the bag, and is trimmed off.

  • EXTRUSION - Melting polymer products then forcing them through a shaped fitting, allowing them to be blown to a specified thickness and size film.

  • FILM - Raw material that can be made of a variety of different materials, but typically polyethylene.  It can be printed, folded, cut, sealed, etc. to create custom flexible packaging options (bags, sheets, etc.)

  • FLEXIBLE PACKAGING - Describes packaging that is made from a flexible material, such as polyethylene bags.

  • FLEXOGRAPHIC PRINTING - Printing method that uses flexible rubber plates mounted on a roller to apply ink to film.

  • GAUGE - Used to describe the thickness of the materials in flexible packaging.  Typically measured in mils where each mil is equivalent to 1/1000 of an inch in thickness.

  • GUSSET - Term used to describe a fold in the materials being used to create a bag.  Can be a fold in the sides or at the bottom, each allow the bag to expand when filled with product.

  • ICE BAGS - Typically, ice bags are wicketed bags that are custom printed with the company's information and logo. Click for more information on wicketed bags.

  • LAMINATED FILM - Term used to describe the film created when 2 or more layers of film are bonded together. Often a printed layer is laminated together with a clear, protective layer to offer additional barriers and to protect the printed layer from wear.

  • LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene

  • STAND-UP POUCH - Bottom gusseted bag designed to stand up when filled with product.  Typically this design is used to create a display for retail.  Stand-up pouch bags are often created by using Laminated materials. Click for more information on laminated pouch bags.

Flexible Packaging Glossary