Wicketed bags are also known as:

Bakery bags

Bread bags

Ice bags

Header bags

Staple pack bags

Food bags

Want to know how wicket bags are manufactured?

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Wicketed Bags

Bagmasters is your premier manufacturer and distributor of wicketed bags.  Designed to increase production packaging speeds (as compared to flat poly bags), wicketed bags can be used with a bag opener or drop sealer, as well as manually.

Wicketed bags are manufactured using a lip in which 2 holes and a metal wicket secure the top of the bags together. This unique design creates a pre-opened bag that, when filled, can be torn away, leaving the next bag ready for filling.  You don't have to waste valuable time selecting a bag from a box, then try to find the opening in order to fill it.

Need to customize your wicketed bag? No problem! Bagmasters can manufacture your wicketed bags with vent holes, perforations, zipper closures, and even custom print them with up to 8 colors.

Our wicketed bags can be made from FDA Approved materials, which allows them to be used for packaging food, medical, and industrial products.

As Bagmasters is the manufacturer, we can provide the most competitive pricing and shortest lead times in the industry. Contact us today to place your custom wicketed bag order and start saving money today! 

Quick Look

  • Custom print avaliable
  • Minimum size = 5" x 8"
  • Maximum size = 24" x 36"
  • Available in 1 mil to 6 mil thickness
  • Bottom gusset option
  • Vent holes or hang holes available
  • Perforations available
  • Increases production packaging speeds

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